A Note from your Innkeepers , Lee & Marilynn Jackson

June 2020: Hi everyone!
This year has certainly been a year of challenges, changes and transformations. We hope that you are doing well, staying safe and healthy and being smart.

Meanwhile we have made the very difficult decision to close The Churchyard Inn for the remainder of our ownership. We are still on the market, have had some interesting offers, but no “right one” as of yet. If you know of anyone who dreams of B&B ownership or a very stately private residence–please send them our way–ashleyalred@remax.com is our listing agent.

Whatever your future holds in terms of travel plans, we hope you consider a trip to the Palouse area. And if your travels take you here, google bed and breakfasts and perhaps the new owners will reopen this wonderful place (maybe the new owner will be you! Thank you all for looking, for staying here if you have in the past, and for sharing your friendship. It has been an awesome experience!

Here at the Churchyard Inn, “where hospitality is a habit” we are grateful for the opportunity to share this lovely old place with you.  Our goal is to make you feel at home, to feel a bit more treasured and to find a sense of peaceful calm in this serene countryside. 

Every day we serve “life savors”…

Complementary bottle of wine (and chocolates) in your room

Fine china and Mom’s sterling silver on a community table in the festive dining room
Grandma’s coffee cake (or other home baked delights)  part of your country breakfast menu
Homemade cookies  (even gluten-free on request!) by your bedside
Warm brandy near the old piano

Engaging conversation when you want it, leisurely quiet when you don’t
Soft music, a warm fire on chilly fall evenings

Our Mission is to provide you with a physical space to nourish, enrich and sustain you while you are here, leaving a lasting impression of comfort and joy. 

Our Vision  is to create a feast for the soul, offering you a banquet of delights physically , emotionally , mentally , and spiritually.   In a chaotic world, we want this part of your journey to be a respite from your challenging routines, whether you are here to cheer on your favorite team, to celebrate a wedding or loved one, to bask in the beauty of the scenic Palouse, or simply a stop between destinations. 

Our Values  are the foundation of our efforts and behaviors: 

creativity:  from the art on the walls to the plants in the ground, the flowers on your table, the colors and music that surround our guests during your visit

quality:  fresh, locally sourced food on the table, detailed and refined appointments in every room

communitywelcoming  everyone equally to share the common table, allowing friendly conversation and connection with guests, many of whom develop  friendships that last through the years

caring: responsive connections to your needs, sensitivity to your privacy and space

It’s so gratifying to hear our guests say:

“This place is my second home—only I don’t have to do any of the work.” 

“All of your thoughtful touches make this such a comfortable place to be.”

And one we have nothing to do with but appreciate as well:

“The views from both decks breathtaking. The view behind the inn is amber waves of grain that has to be measured by the square mile instead of by the acre.”